Aeration Systems

Lake & Pond Aeration Systems Reduce Weeds and Algae

detail-life-fountainDo you know the DO (dissolved oxygen) level in your lake or pond? Dissolved oxygen measured in mg/l is a vital part of any lake or pond ecosystem. Aeration systems can be an integral part of a lake and pond management program. Aeration can help provide a healthier environment for fish, significantly improve the esthetics of your lake or pond, slow down the aging of your lake or pond and reduce aquatic weeds and algae. If you own a pond or lake in NYC, the Hudson Valley or Connecticut area you may want to consider investing in an aquatic aeration system.

Benefits of Aeration:

  • Prevention of natural fish kills
  • Increased water clarity
  • Decrease in algae and weeds
  • Elimination of foul odors
  • Reduced mosquito and midge fly larvae
  • Reduction and sequestration of nutrients
  • Reduction of muck in lake bottoms
  • Slowing of the lake aging process which may delay the need for dredging

Although it may seem that aeration is designed to add air and oxygen to the water, its main function is a circulation of the water. Higher oxygen levels are achieved by creating this movement of water within a lake or pond. In general, the higher the level of dissolved oxygen that is present in a water body, the healthier the entire ecological system of the lake. Without the introduction of an aeration system, a lake or pond is dependent upon natural phenomena for the presence of dissolved oxygen.

Fountain Aeration Systems

If you desire a fountain aerator, LIFE Inc installs, services, and maintains only the highest quality Aquamaster Fountains. Fountains are mostly for esthetics; however they do circulate a large amount of water keeping your lake or pond from being stagnant. Fountain aerators range from one-half horsepower to 50 horsepower, depending on the size of the lake or pond. There are numerous water patterns to choose from, and with the addition of lights your lake or pond will be a nighttime attraction. Fountains must be removed in the late fall and can be reinstalled in the early spring. LIFE Inc maintains and services all the fountains that we sell.

For more information on fountain aeration systems contact LIFE Inc. today.